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Javier is an Art Director for a national department store based in New York City. His experience has developed a discerning eye for design and capturing the effervescence of the shoot.  Javier’s multi faceted experience has transported him to different venues catapulting him as a skilled Art Director with an eye for fashion and a sense for furnishing.  Javier’s versatile style is appealing for both the fashion forward shopper and whimsical for those looking for something different.


Javier’s 25 years of experience has led him to work with creative individuals such as Carson Kressley and Nigel Barker, as well as bringing out the special qualities of a young Channing Tatum.  


Javier’s goal is to exceed the clients expectations and transcend the ways of story telling, permitting the message to leap off the page.


Javier’s skills, passion, and originality allow him to continue to push the envelope, allowing him to stay current.



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